Corporate & Business

Business Corporate Law Services
We provide business services to both domestic and international entities, and pride ourselves in making the law work for you. Whether you are a new company looking to establish yourself or an existing company looking to grow, we provide both consulting and legal services to help you maximize your earning capacity.

  • A.- Business Formation & Start-Up Companies
    It is critical that that new businesses choose the proper corporate structure. For some, a partnership set-up will be the most advantageous; with others, a limited liability company will be more effective. We help you understand all of the relevant legal and tax requirements involved in forming a business to reduce the risk of disputes in the future.
  • B.- Contracts
    Most transactions are accompanied by contractual arrangements. We consistently review your contracts to ensure enforceability, fair terms, and clarity should the contract ever lead to a dispute. The law is ever changing, so what may have been an enforceable contract last year may not be today.
  • C.- Consulting
    Our firm has experience providing consulting services to both new and established enterprises. We have assisted companies in identifying target markets, capitalizing on investment opportunities, and implementing internal controls and procedures which maximize the revenue earning capacity of a business.
  • D.- Transactional Services
    Many contracts involve transferring liquid, tangible, and intangible assets. Whether you are engaged in licensing intellectual property, leasing real property, or structuring investments to create an optimal rate of return, we are prepared to help. We will ensure that your transactions include the highest amount of protection to your business.