Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law

Technology has empowered individuals and companies in new ways, but has produced new challenges as well, particularly regarding the protection of intellectual property. Whether you are a budding artist seeking to protect and enforce your trademarks and copyrights, or a company in need of protocols to protect your trade secrets, we are here for you. We also help established entities leverage their intellectual property profitably through licensing agreements and other business arrangements.

  • Copyright
    Our firm advises clients, both individuals and corporations, on protecting their works and third party works. We are experienced in registering copyrighted works and negotiating agreements that leverage the value of these copyrights.
  • Trademark Law
    Our firm represents commercial clients in trademark procurement and trademark enforcement. We provide counsel from clearance, selection, and adoption of the mark to prosecution and enforcement when necessary. We also assist clients seeking to license their mark. If you seek to engage in cancellation and opposition proceedings, we are the team for you.
  • Licensing
    We have experience in drafting, registering, negotiating, and reviewing licensing agreements which include trademark, copyright, and technology related agreements. This experience includes international joint development agreements and agreements related to information technology. Owning intellectual property is only the first step, as the property must be licensed in order to monetize such ownership.
  • Trade Secrets
    Every business has trade secrets. We begin by helping your company to understand the regulations required to ensure that your trade secret is enforced by law. Next, we help you build in procedures and agreements to protect these secrets and avoid litigation. Finally, should litigation arise, we help you minimize the damage created from a leaked trade secret and recover appropriately.